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Seshadri – The name of Tirumala Hill in Dwapara Yuga

In different Hindu yugas, the Tirumala Hill is known by different names. It is known as Seshadri in Dwapara Yuga – the second of the four yugas. Tirupati Balaji Temple is located atop Tirumala Hill. Seshadri is named after Adishesha – the divine serpent on whom Vishnu rests.

Legend has it that once Vayu – the wind God – reached Vaikunta to meet Vishnu. But as Vishnu was taking rest, Adisesha did not allow Vayu to meet Vishnu. Vayu was not ready to budge and wanted to meet Vishnu. Soon a fight ensued and Vishnu appeared before them.

Still both Vayu and Adishesha continued the argument that one was better than the other. Finally, Vishnu said that Sesha should hold the Ananda Mountain and Vayu should try to dislodge it. Whoever wins will be the stronger.

Sesha held the Ananda Mountain tight by coiling around it and Vayu tried to displace it. The fight continued for several days. Vayu used all his might to blow away the mountain but Sesha held it to its place.

Soon all the worlds started to tremble due to mighty winds generated by Vayu. Brahma then approached Sesha and told about the difficulties and also informed him that Vishnu knew about his strength and for the safety of the world he should allow Vayu to win.

Sesha agreed and loosened the coil and the Ananda Mountain was blown away.

For his kind deed, Brahma blessed Sesha that he would merge with the Tirumala Hill will be known as Seshadri Hills in Dwapara Yuga.

The popular belief is that the head of Sesha rests at Tirumala Hill, the body at Ahobilam (associated with Narasimha incarnation of Vishnu) and the tail at Srisailam (Associated with Mallikarjuna Avatar).