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Jhulelal Jayanti 2024 Date - Importance For Sindhi Community

Jhulelal is worshipped by the Sindhi community and is associated with Varuna, the Sea God in Hinduism. Jhulelal Jayanti 2024 date is April 10. Jhulelal Jayanti is the day when Jhulelal appeared on earth. It is observed on the second day of the Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month (March – April) and is popularly known as Cheti Chand.


Jhulelal appeared on earth after the Sindhis prayed to Varuna, the sea god, to save them from the hands of a tyrant who wanted them to convert to Islam or face death.

It is said that after his birth numerous miracles happened and the Sindhis got the courage to face the tyrant.

Apart from prayers, rituals and celebrations, numerous other programs including philanthropic and welfare are organized by Sindhi community on the day.

Why Is Jhulelal Jayanti Observed?

As per history, the province of Thatta in present day Sindh in Pakistan was forcibly occupied by Makrab Khan in 10th century CE. The Islamist invader started forcibly converting Hindus in the area to Islam. Those who resisted were mercilessly killed. Hindus of the region offered prayers to Sindhu River for help. After 40 days of praying and penance, a divine voiced told the Sindhis that Varuna, the River God in Hinduism, will be born as Uderolal in Nasarpur to protect them.

The child was born on the day after Chaitra 1.

As soon as the child was born, his parents witnessed the mighty Sindhu River flowing in the mouth of the child. They also saw an old man seated on a pala fish, large fish unique to Sindhu River. The cradle of the child rocked itself to lull him to sleep and this earned the child the name Jhulelal – the God of the Swing.

The news of the birth of a miracle child reached the tyrant Makrab Khan who ordered the arrest of the child. But the child changed from an infant to a young man, then a mature bearded man and finally a white haired old man right before the eyes of the soldiers who came to arrest him. More soldiers were sent to arrest Jhulelal but the soldiers were stopped by flooding Sindhu River. The palaces and houses of the soldiers began to burn automatically.

Jhulelal told the panic stricken soldiers that – He who you call Allah and my people call Krishna are but one and the same.

After preaching peace and saving the Sindhis from the tyrant, Jhulelal was swallowed up by the earth.

The birth of Jhulelal is celebrated every as Cheti Chand, the New Year of Sindhis.