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Dreaming Of My House On Fire – Meaning

Dreaming of my house on fire is a warning sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will be forced to vacate a place you like. It also means a secret of yours will be revealed and this will result in making your family against you. You might also be asked to leave the house. Dreams of my house on fire mean there will be serious problems in family home and you will decide to stay away from it.

Dream of my house on fire and you are trying to put it out means you might see accident in a known place. It is a warning sign and you need to check all kinds of inflammable spots in your house or place of residence.

Dreams of my house on fire and you see other people in the dream mean you will face problems due to the negligence of other people. It also means scandal or people spreading rumor about your family.

My house fire dream also means you need to avoid all kinds of relationships that will not be approved by your family. Fire here means your activities and you need to make sure they don’t get out of control.