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Satyadev Ji Maharaj Brahmarishi – Short Biography – Life Story

Satyadev Ji Maharaj Brahmarishi was a great devotee of Goddess Durga. He was born at Navgram, district Barisal in East Bengal. This ardent devotee of Goddess Durga wrote a marvelous commentary on Durga Saptashati, named Sadhana Samara.

He was the son of Kailash Chander, the maternal grandson of a prominent sadhaka, Bhairav Chander. According to the tradition of Brahmarishi’s sect, his mother Sarada Sundari had conceived him with the blessings of the Goddess Sunanda (deity of Tara pitha).

He was named Sharad Chandra. The child Sarad quickly gained proficiency in Shastras. The religious and spiritual background of his family was reflected in his activities. He attentively worshiped Goddess Durga.

As he stepped into his teens, he had to go to Kolkata for his livelihood. His curiosity for the darshana (sight) of Goddess Durga increased so much that he wandered on the roads of Kolkata singing her praise.

One night, when he was going to a friend’s house, he saw a beautiful reflection of jyoti (Divine Light). It was so effulgent that he could not express its glow in words. He bowed his head to that spiritual light, believing that Goddess Durga had blessed him with her darshan in the form of Param Jyoti.

From that moment, his life totally changed. He felt that it would be impossible for him to bear worldly responsibilities. He became an ascetic and after getting diksha, became Brahmarshi Satyadevji.

The devotional life of Brahmarshi Satyadevji is a source of inspiration to spiritual seekers.