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Dreaming Of Kundalini Symbol – Meaning

Dreaming of kundalini symbol is a good omen as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means progress, success and happiness. You will get to do something new in life. It also means promotion or opportunity to move ahead in life. Dreams of kundalini mean interest in spiritual and religious matters. You will visit a place you always wanted to visit.

Dream of kundalini symbol and you are present in the dream means new projects or better opportunities. You also have protection of the divine and this will help you overcome enemies and accidents.

Dream of kundalini symbol and if it moves means discovery of treasure. The two serpents moving out means diseases and health issues.

Dreaming of kundalini symbol and you see other people means marriage or other functions. It also means recognition and honor.

Dream of kundalini symbol and it is full of color means you will soon have desire fulfillment.