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Dreaming Of Empty Kraal – Meaning

Dreaming of empty kraal is a negative and warning sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will see or hear bad things. It also means witnessing something that is against your beliefs. Dreams of empty kraal also mean you being chased by attackers or animals in near future. It also means you will be cheated or abandoned by those you trusted. It also means natural calamities or man-made problems causing havoc to your livelihood or something you loved most.

Dream of empty kraal and you see other people means timely help will rescue you from a serious situation. The dream is asking you to take care of your health and be alert.

Dreaming of empty kraal and it belongs to someone else means you will have to act quickly to rescue a person. It also means trouble for family members or friends.

Dreams of empty kraal and you see colors or unusual patterns means death and mourning.

Dream of empty kraal and you wake up happy or laughing means suicidal thoughts and destructive mindset.