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Svarupa Sambandha In Hindu Philosophy

Svarupa Sambandha is a kind of relation admitted by the Naiyayikas to explain the connection between things in Hindu philosophy. Svarupa Sambandha is different from samyoga (conjunction) and samavaya (inherence). Conjunction is a transient relation between two things related eternally.

Samavaya is an eternal, natural relation between two facts, of which on inheres in the other. But, unlike these, svarupa sambandha is not distinct from the terms related to it. Rather the relation is itself constituted by one of the related. Take the case of the relation between an object and our knowledge of it. It is not a relation of inherence, since knowledge as a quality inheres not in the object, but in the self. While knowledge is the vishayi, its content is the vishaya. Knowledge is related to its content through the relation called vishayatasvarupa, while the vishaya is related to the knowledge through the relation called vishayitasvarupa.