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Some Important Taboos In Hindu Religion

The taboos of Hindus are of various origins – mythological, historical, religious, totemic, medical, numerological, cultural and astrological.

Some of the important taboos under the cultural category are the ones like prohibition against –

  1. Talking while defecating
  2. Urinating while standing,
  3. Sewing a cloth by evening
  4. The daughter-in-law sitting at the threshold of a house at anytime
  5. Blowing off the flame of a lamp
  6. Hitting an animal with a broom
  7. Sleeping with feet stretched southwards (a position which only a dead body should be laid in)
  8. Tightening a cot’s ropes after the sunset
  9. Shaking one’s leg while sitting
  10. Rubbing one’s feet against the floor
  11. Using the grain grinder on the full moon day
  12. Using the half burnt wick of a lamp the next day
  13. Creating sound by striking two iron pieces
  14. Writing one’s name with a piece of coal on the ground
  15. Burning the other end of a burnt wooden piece
  16. Passing a crematorium or a burial place clad in white and perfumed clothes
  17. Eating food while sitting on a cot
  18. Women washing their head immediately after any family member’s (particularly a man’s) departure for some other place
  19. Living in a house whose door faces south