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Swami Kish Bab – Short Biography - Spiritual Figure Of Kashmir

Swami Kish Bab (1890 – 1986) was a spiritual figure of Kashmir. Pandit Keshav Nath Kaul, popularly known as Kish Bab or Kish Peer (Kis Bab, Kis Pir) was born in Anantnag (Kashmir). He studied up to the eighth class in a local Mission School. He shifted to village Gousigund to run a shop outside the famous Ashram of Swami Atma Ram, his contemporary, where he attended to his spiritual sadhana (practice) more than to his business.

Kish Bab spent about fifty years of his in this village. He was believed to be a siddha (mustic). A firm believer in the law of karma, he is said to have seen his previous births and once told his disciple that he had been the head of fisherman in one of this previous lives.

He would very rarely move out of his room, but had devotees and disciples at far-off places. He is said to have predicted the turmoil which was to overtake Kashmir soon.

In the last phase of his life, he shifted to Anantnag, where he attained nirvana on December 26, 1986, at the ripe age of about ninety-six years.