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Dreaming Of Kulam – Meaning

Dreaming of kulam (witchcraft) is a warning sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. Dreams of kulam amulet or pendant mean your enemies are very active and they will try to cause harm to you. It also means a friend or neighbor or relative has turned against you and is using evil methods against you. The dream also means you should be careful while dealing with suspicious people.

Dream of kulam and you are present in the dream is an indication that you will soon face loss of wealth, reputation or accidents. It is a sign that jealous person is trying to harm you. Your happiness will be taken away.

Dreams of kulam and you see other people in it mean you will be insulted in public. There will be scandal or you will be held responsible for something you had not done.

Dreaming of you buying or wearing kulam amulet or pendant means you will show lack of courage. You will be mentally down and other people will try to take advantage of your situation.