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Suddhavidya In Kashmir Shaivism

Suddhavidya is a fifth of the 36 tattvas in Kashmir Shaivism. Sadvidyatattva or suddavidyatattva (pure knowledge) is the principle of correlation in the universal experience. It is the common resting place or substratum, called sauddhavidya, because in it the things which attain the state of objectivity as denoted by the word ‘this’ and have descended to the level of the objects of knowledge are of the nature of Bodhasaratvad (essence of knowledge); because of this state, they are perceived in their real nature.

At this stage, kriya sakti is predominant. The ‘I’ and ‘this’ are recognized with such equal clarity that while both ‘I’ and ‘this’ are still identified, they can be clearly distinguished in thought. The experience of this stage may be called bhedabheda-vimarsanatma (diversity in unity). Moreover, the experience of this stage is also known as paraparadasa. It is intermediate between para (the higher) and apara (the lower). Up to this stage, all experience is ideal. So it is called suddhadhva (the perfect order), i.e., a manifestation in which the svarupa or real  nature of the Divine is not yet veiled.

When the yogi acquires the power of suddhavidya he is established in creative consciousness, and in accordance with the measure of that consciousness, he can create creatures and objects. Hence, suddhavidya also means Supreme Consciousness, in which everything appears as Self.