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Dreaming Of Sky Blue Water – Meaning

Dreaming of sky blue water is good and positive as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will get more clarity about life. You will make necessary changes for a stress free life. Dreams of sky blue water means you will have opportunity to move closer to natural surroundings.

Dream of sky blue water and you are putting legs or hands or washing face or drinking means you will soon realize the futility of city life. It means you will have a strong urge to lead a peaceful life away from the pollution and hasty city life.

Dream of sky blue water and you are crying or sad means you will regret not doing something at the right time. It means you will regret not mending a relationship.

Dream of sky blue water and seeing your reflection means you will decide to come out clean. You will take the path of honesty. It also means you will put an end to something that was giving you nothing but trouble it could be relationship or job.