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Mimamsa Kaustubha is a commentary by Khandadeva on the Purvamimamsasutra of Jaimini. Mimamsa Sutras deal with the principles of interpretation of the Vedic texts relating to yajnas and other rituals. They are topics dealt with in twelve sections, also knownas Dvadasalakshani.

Mimamsa Kaustubha or Bhatta Mimamsa Kaustubha is for Mimamsasutra. Khandadeva has written two more works on the Mimamsa system, Bhattadipika, a commentary on Mimamsa Sutra, and Bhatta Rahasya, on the semantic ideas of the Bhatta School. All the three works are epoch making works in Mimamsa literature, laying down the foundation of the Bhatta School of the Mimamsa system and making use of the terminology employed in modern logic (Navya – Nyaya).

Mimamsa Kaustubha discusses many important problems besides explaining the sutras. But it does not cover the whole text. Khandadeva does not employ flowery language but uses the terminology of modern logic and thereby achieves precision in thought and expression. His exposition can be understood by a student of Mimamsa familiar with modern logic (Navya Nyaya) terminology.

Khandadeva flourished in the first half of the 17th century CE at Varanasi. He was the son of Rudradeva and pupil Visvesvara. He was the Mimamsa teacher of Peru Bhatta, father of Jagannatha Pandita (author of Rasagangadhara).

SourceEncyclopedia of Hinduism Volume VII page 161 – Rupa IHRF