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Kaitha Chamundi Theyyam – Story

Kaitha Chamundi is a unique theyyam performed in many temples in North Kerala especially in Kannur district. The story of Kaitha Chamundi is associated with the demons Chanda and Munda mentioned in Devi Bhagavatham.

Chanda and Munda got the boon from Brahma that they will not be killed by men or women. After getting the boon, they started to trouble all the living beings on earth. All living beings on earth requested Brahma to find a solution to end the reign of terror unleashed by Chanda and Munda. Brahma requested all living beings to propitiate Mother Goddess Shakti.

Goddess Mahadevi (Bhagavathy or Shakti) took such a form that it was impossible to know whether she was a man or a woman. Chanda and Munda were easily overpowered by Mother Goddess. They ran away from the battle field and took the form of a Kaitha or screw pine.

When Mother Goddess was searching for Chanda and Munda, she noticed that two screw pines were not moving in wind. She soon realized that it was Chanda and Munda. She took out her sword and cut off the screw pines thus annihilating the demons.

Kaitha Chamundi theyyam is performed in many temples. This is a ferocious form. The person adorning the theyyam goes and cuts down a screw pine and returns back with it to the temple. When returning back, there will be blood on the body of the Kaitha Chamundi theyyam. This blood is that of hen that the theyyam carries with him.

This theyyam is performed at Mattannur Malur Aryaparambu Sree Koottakkalam temple, Mattannur Malur Kappattappoyil Madappura, Kannur Pachapoika Sree Malappilayi Kavu, Kuthuparamba Naravur Thaikkandy Madappura, Vadakara pakkayil Natol Bhagavathy Kshethram, Kuthuparamba Naravur Chathadimanakkal kavu, Kuthuparamba Kottayam Mathukkavu Pottan Thira and Kannur Thalasseri Chungam Sree Panakkadan Malayankavu.