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Dreaming Of Ketchup – Meaning

Dreaming of ketchup is a good omen as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means you will be victim or prank. You will also misunderstand something and it will cause embarrassment. It also suggests desire fulfillment. Dreams of ketchup mean you will be able to see through the activities of your enemies and also of your friends.

Dream of ketchup in a shop or supermarket means you need to take bold decisions by being honest with yourself.

Dreaming of ketchup in an unknown place means you will be able to solve a perplexing question or a problem that has been troubling you for a long period.

Dreams of ketchup going bad are a sign that you will lose good opportunity. So be careful about all things that come your way.

Dream of ketchup falling down and breaking or spreading on ground means relationship problem. It also means a secret of yours will be revealed.

Dreaming of ketchup in food or you eating it is a sign of progress, new opportunity and happy occasion.