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Dreaming Of Jcb – Meaning

Dreaming of jcb is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means irreversible destruction and damage to your personal wealth, career or property. It also means getting fooled by people in the name of more money or position. Dreams of jcb also mean accidents and permanent damage to limbs.

Dream of jcb and you are present in the dream means you will witness something bad or an incident which will causes emotional and psychological damage.

Dreaming of jcb and you are not present in the dream means in your absence someone will cause damage to your property or wealth. It also means enemies striking hard.

Dreams of jcb and lot of other people in the dream mean damage due to natural calamity. It also means building falling down or destruction of houses.

Dream of jcb going fast through the road means damage from iron or fire.

Dreaming of you sitting atop a jcb or playing in it means a thoughtless action of yours will damage your reputation and wealth.