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Dreaming Of Ignoring Your Ex – Meaning

Dreaming of ignoring your ex is a positive sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will drop fear and show courage to face reality. It also means it is time for you to move ahead in your life by dropping the past. Dreams of ignoring your ex are sign that you are giving too much important to trivial things while ignoring important matters.

Dream of ignoring your ex and there are other people in the dream means you will get opportunity to avenge old insults. It also means you will make your ex jealous through your new status or relationship.

Dreaming of ignoring your ex and there are a lot of colors means you will move quickly towards achieving your relationship goals. It also means company of people in power.

Dreams of ignoring you ex and you wake up terrified or sad is a sign that old problems will come back to haunt you.