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Kara Siddhanta in Ancient Hindu India – General Theories of Taxation in Hindu Scriptures

Kara Siddhanta is the general theory of taxation in Hindu scriptures like smritis (Manusmriti – Shukraneeti and other similar texts) and epics (Mahabharata and Ramayana). It is also found in the Arthashastra of Chanakya. Taxes in ancient Hindu India was based on this. Kara Siddhanta theories stipulated that taxation should be reasonable and equitable. The king should always keep in mind that oppressive taxation invites hatred and wrath of his subjects. The king, therefore, was advised to collect taxes without causing any suffering to his subjects. Just as fruits are gathered from a garden as often as they become ripe, so revenue shall be collected as often as it becomes ripe. Collection of revenue or of fruits, when unripe, shall never be carried out, lest the sources be injured, causing immense trouble. (Arthashastra V.2) Subjects may be taxed in a way that they remain strong enough to bear future burdens and, if necessary, heavier ones.  “If the calf is pe

Chinga Masam 2023 – Chingam Month in Kerala in 2023

Chinga Masam is the first month in a traditional Malayalam calendar followed in Kerala. Chinga Masam 2023 begins on August 17 and ends on September 16. The first day of Chingam month marks the beginning of the New Year according to the Malayalam calendar and is known as Chingam 1. Kollavarsham (Kolla Varsham) 1199 begins as per traditional Kerala calendar on August 17, 2023. Onam the biggest festival of Kerala is observed on the Thiruvonam Nakshatra day in Chingam month. Sri Narayana Guru Jayanti  (September 22) is observed on the Chathayam Nakshatra day in the Chingam month. Important Festivals in the Chingam Month in Kerala Sri Krishna Jayanti - September 6 Gokulashtami –  September 6 Atham - August 20 Vinayaka Chaturthi – August 20 First Onam – August 28 Thiruvonam  – August 29 Sri Narayana Guru Jayanti - August 31 Chattambi Swami Jayanti - September 5 Chinga Masam Ekadasi Fasting are on August 27 and September 10 Pradosham dates in Chinga Masam are August 28 an

Nisargadatta Maharaj Teachings

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj (17 April 1897 – 8 September 1981)  was an Avaduta who imparted lessons on the Self to those who desired to know That.  Nisargadatta Maharaj Teachings are from various sources. They have been collected over a period of more than 10 years. Basic Teaching of Nisargadatta Maharaj Nisargadatta Maharaj: The sweetness is the nature of sugar; but that sweetness is there only so long as the sugar is present. Once the sugar has been consumed or thrown away, there is no more sweetness. So this knowledge ‘I am,’ this consciousness, this feeling or sense of Being, is the quintessence of the body. And if that body essence is gone, this feeling, the sense of Being, will also have gone. This sense of Being cannot remain without the body, just as sweetness cannot remain without the material, which is sugar. Question: What remains then? Nisargadatta Maharaj: What remains is the Original, which is unconditioned, without attributes, and without identity: that on whi