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Flute in Home as per Hinduism and Vastu

Flute, Basuri, is considered an auspicious item in Hinduism. Keeping it at home is good as per Vastu.
Keeping a flute at home helps in overcoming financial troubles. It is an ideal choice for solving debt related issues. It also helps in achieving success in lottery and games.

Keeping silver flute at home is considered helpful in finding solution to property related problems. It is also good for recovering lost money.

There is a widespread belief that keeping gold flute in home will help in getting the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.

Keeping bamboo flute in home is a good and effective solution to all Vastu related problems in the home.

flute as per Vastu Hinduism

Flute in Hinduism is associated mainly with Lord Krishna. The sound of it has the power to nullify negative energy.

Presence of this musical instrument at home or shop helps in keeping out negative forces.

If there is a beam in the living or bedroom, then it is not good as per Vastu. An ideal option to overcome this Vastu dosha is to hang flute from the beam.

Those suffering from mental problems and depression will find relief if they listen to the music of flute.

Broken flute should be kept at the house. It should be discarded properly by burying it at a suitable place.