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Importance of Bathing of Murtis of Hindu Gods and Goddesses in Rivers and Lakes after Festival

Bathing of Murtis (idols) of Hindu Gods in sea, rivers, lakes, ponds and other water bodies is an important ritual during annual temple festival in many Hindu Temples in South India. This ritual is popularly known as Arattu or Snanam. The popular Chakra Snanam during Brahmotsavam at Tirupati Balaji Temple is typical example of the ritual.

It is believed that during the ritual the deity performs Amrita Varsham. Devotees are allowed to take bath along with the deity in some temples.

It is also believed that when a deity takes holy dip in the water, Akasha Ganga makes its presence felt in that particular water.

Arattu Snanam after festival in Hindu temple

The deity during the ritual is bathed using turmeric, powders of various grams, gold and Ashtagandha.

For the bathing ritual, the utsava murti, or the murti that is carried around for rituals, is used.

The priest takes the utsava murti into water and takes dip three times.

The murti is then place on a raised platform near the water body and pujas are performed.

It is believed that taking part in the particular water is highly meritorious.

Arattu is a must in all Hindu temples in Kerala after the annual festival. The arattu procession in some temples include caparisoned elephants and thousands of devotees line along the path to witness the Arattu procession.