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How Krishna Got the Name Govinda?

Govinda is one of the popular names of Sri Krishna. How Krishna got the name Govinda is explained in the Srimad Bhagavad purana.

In Vrindavan, Nanda Maharaj, foster father of Sri Krishna, decided to conduct a yajna to propitiate Indra. But Sri Krishna was of the opinion that Govardhan Mountain should be offered worship as it stops the clouds and provides rain.

Sri Krishna and other people performed a yajna to please Govardhan Mountain.

A furious Indra, caused havoc in Vrindavan by creating nonstop torrential rain.

Krishna saved the residents of Vrindavan, animals, cows and other living beings by lifting the Govardhan Mountain.

As Krishna protected thousands of cows from the flood, heavenly cow Surabhi performed abhishekam of Sri Krishna with milk – Ksheera Abhishekam.

For saving cows and protecting them, Sri Krishna came to be known as Govinda.

Go Puja and Govardhan Puja became famous from that day onwards.

The worship of Sri Krishna as Govinda began in Dwapara Yuga and it is continued in the Kali Yuga.