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Shravan Shukravar Puja – Friday Pujas and Vrat in Shravani Month in Maharashtra and Gujarat

Fridays in Shravan month, Shravani Shukravar, is an auspicious day for many Hindu communities in Gujarat and Maharashtra. In 2024, the dates of Shravani Shukravar puja are August 5, August 12, August 19, August 26 and September 2. Special prayers are performed by mothers for the welfare of their children on the day. The puja is also known as Jiviti Pooja, or Jara Jivantika Puja, in some regions and is dedicated to Goddess Jivantika. 

Pujas and prayers are held at homes on Shravani Shukrawar. Neighbors, friends and relatives join in the prayers on the day. In some regions, community pujas are performed on all Fridays in Shravan Mahina. Women apply kumkum on each other’s forehead and pray for peaceful and happy married life and for the welfare and health of their children..

Friday Pujas and Vrat in Shravani Month in Maharashtra and Gujarat

In some places, Puran lamps are prepared for placing on puja thali. Special Puran dishes are also prepared on the day. Traditional red kumkum tika is applied on the forehead of the children.

Some Hindu communities observe a fast dedicated to Goddess Jivantika on the day.

Shravan Mahina (July – August) is one of the most auspicious months in a traditional Hindu calendar. Sawan month falls during the peak monsoon season and it is also the time of many waterborne diseases. So mother observe the rituals to protect their children from diseases and also from monsoon related accidents.

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