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Important Achievements of Hanuman in Ramayana

Valor, strength and courage of Hanuman played a huge role in Ramayana. In the Uttara Khanda of Ramayana, Bhagavan Sri Ram told Sage Agastya that it was because of Hanuman that he was able to defeat Ravana and the demon army. Here are some of the important achievements of Hanuman in Ramayana.

Slap on the Face of Ravana

Ravana felt like an earthquake was happening after receiving a tight slap from Hanuman. This motivated the Vanara Sena (monkey army) to defeat the army of Ravana.

Annihilation of Scores of Demons

Hanuman killed thousands of demons in the Ramayana. Prominent among them are Dhumraksh, Akampan, Devantak, Trishira and Nikumbha.

Crossing the Ocean

No one in the Vanara Sena had the power to jump 100 yogana and cross the sea to find out about Mata Sita. Only Hanuman Ji could perform his impossible act. Only he could jump 100 yogana and reach Lanka and return back. A yojana is around 8 miles.

Finding Mata Sita

To find Mata Sita in Lanka was not the job for the fainthearted. Only Hanuman could do this. He overcame numerous difficulties to locate Mata Sita in Ashokavana.

Lanka Dahan

The burning of Lanka is one of the popular acts of Hanuman. This one act of Hanuman send out a strong message to Ravana and his accomplices, that Rama is no ordinary mortal and his army is not a normal army.

Meeting with Vibhishana

It was Hanuman who told Vishishana that he need not worry about his demon status, Bhagavan Sri Ram gives refuge to whoever seeks it.

Sanjeevani Booti

When Sri Ram and Lakshman fell unconscious during the battle against Ravana, only Hanuman could fly to the Himalayas and carry the medicine mountain.

Unwavering Devotion

Hanuman taught the world that on earth a person can find peace and happiness only through unwavering devotion. There is no parallel in this world for the devotion that Hanuman has for Bhagavan Sri Ram.

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