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The Eight Attributes of Shiva in Shaiva Siddhanta – En Gunattan

In Shaiva Siddhanta, En Gunattan is the Shiva. He is the one who has eight attributes and the Supreme entity of all the world and souls.

The Eight Attributes of Shiva are:

  1. Independence
  2. Natural Intelligence
  3. Complete Wisdom
  4. Limitless Power
  5. Infinite Bliss
  6. Supreme Grace
  7. Natural Freedom
  8. Pure Body

Shiva has sovereign independence otherwise, He cannot be the Lord of all. For this reason, He is the only Lord of all that exists. 

He does not take any Avatara (incarnation). However, he appears as a preceptor or a savior when necessary.

A completely independent God must also be naturally intelligent. He knows everything without depending on any external source. The intelligence of lesser beings must be informed by the Shiva’s intelligence.

En Gunattan

Shiva is omniscient, capable of knowing the past, present and future at the same time. He perceives all things individually and collectively. Shiva is omnipotent as His will is irresistible.

Shiva is the very embodiment of bliss, lacking nothing consistent with His infinity. His infinite majesty and power is matched by his grace and compassion toward his creation. Shiva is an epitome of love; love, in its turn, is embodied by Shiva.

Shiva is thus ever an naturally free from all bondage that mortal are heir to, which they have to win freedom from bondage by effort and Shiva’s grace.

Finally, Shiva is ever pure, unsullied by an kind of insufficiency or want.

All these eight attributes of Shiva are His essential nature, as contrasted with His accidental appearance in human form as a preceptor or a savior.

Notes taken from - Encyclopedia of Hinduism Volume IV – India Heritage Research Foundation – Page no 37 - 38.