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Five Forms of Supreme Being in Pancharatra Agama

The Agamas are important Hindu Scriptures and can be termed as guidelines for worshipping the Supreme Being. ‘Agama’ in Sanskrit means attaining knowledge. There are different schools of agamas dealing with Shiva, Shakti and Vishnu worship. Pancharatra Agama is one of the most important Vaishnava Agamas and it considers Lord Vishnu as the Supreme Being and the path to liberation.

According to the Pancharatra Agama the Supreme Being has five aspects
  1. Para – the transcendental form
  2. Vyuha – the form at the time of creation
  3. Vibhava or Avatara – the form during incarnations
  4. Antaryami – the form present in all animate and inanimate
  5. Archa – the image form in temples
A devotee can worship the Supreme Being or Brahman in any form. And all the paths ultimately lead to Brahman.