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Polala Amavasya – Shravan Poleramma Amavasi

Polala Amavasya is observed on the Amavas (No moon day) in Shravan month in Andhra Pradesh and parts of Karnataka and Orissa. In 2017, Polala Amavasya date is August 21. It is dedicated to Goddess Poleramma who is the protector of children. Mothers observe Polala Amavasi Vrata for the welfare of their children.

Goddess Poleramma is quite similar to the Goddess Shitala worshipped in North India. The popular belief is that the Goddess protects children from various diseases, especially chicken pox.

Monsoon rains are at its peak during the Shravan (July – August) month. Diseases spread quickly and those most vulnerable are children. The prayers are meant to keep children healthy.

Special pujas and rituals are held in Poleramma temples.