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Ganesha in Nepal – Hindu God Vinayaka Worship in Nepal

Ganesha is present everywhere in Nepal and is widely worshipped Hindu God like his father Lord Shiva. He is the first to be propitiated in any religious or social activity. Ganesha temples are found in almost every street and his figure decorates the doors and walls of every home. He is also known as Ganpati and Vinayaka (pronounced as Binayaka).

The four important Ganesh shrines in Kathmandu valley are:
  • Surya Vinayaka (Binayak)
  • Ashoka Ganesha
  • Chandra Ganesha and
  • Kohena Ganesha.
Ganesha in Nepal

In Nepal, Vinayaka is worshipped both in association with all other gods and goddesses in Hinduism and independently in his own shrines.

Kartikeya, brother of Ganesha, is also worshipped in Nepal valley. He is generally known as the deity who removes hindrances for children.