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Feed Fish on Tuesday with Wheat to Solve Financial Problems

In Hinduism, giving food to other living beings is considered highly beneficial. One such food offering is feeding fish with small balls made of wheat flour on Tuesday. This particular totke (small process) is for solving all financial problems.

On Tuesday morning or evening, family members or the person facing financial problem should knead wheat flour and then take it to a river or pond with fish. Feed the fishes. Continue this process until the desired result is achieved.

feeding fish in Hinduism

There is a widespread belief among many Hindu communities especially in North India that feeding fishes will help in solving financial problems. Fish in Hinduism is a sign of prosperity. The first incarnation of Vishnu was fish. Goddess Lakshmi also appeared from water.

Such beliefs are not common among all Hindus. It is only believed by a few Hindus in a specific region.

This belief is more common in North India.