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Valmiki Story - The Story of Life of Rishi Valmiki as Ratnakara the Robber

Valmiki, the author of Ramayan, led the life of a robber before he became a saint. Scholars have different opinion regarding the early life of Sage Valmiki – a group suggests that he lead a pious life from the beginning but others stick to his early life as a thief. It is said that in his early life Valmiki was known as Ratnakara. It was a meeting with Sage Narad that changed his life.

One day Ratnakara attacked Sage Narad in a forest. The sage asked, “Why are you killing and injuring people and robbing them.” Ratnakara replied that all this was for his family. Narada then asked, “Will they pay for your sins.” Ratnakara said that they will as he was doing it for them.

The Story of Life of Rishi Valmiki as Ratnakara the Robber

Sage Narada said that no one will share sin. A debate took place between them. Finally, Ratnakara decided to ask his family.

Ratnakara went home and asked his wife and children whether they will share his sins. They said no. His wife said that her job was cook and look after children; and you provide for the family and how you do it is your problem.

Ratnakara realized that he was only responsible for his actions and no one will come to share his sins. That day he gave up the life of a robber and in due course of time became a saint.

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