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Sabarimala Case Opinion – Hindus Should Welcome The Decision to Allow Entry To Women Of All Age At Ayyappa Temple – Menstruation Not A Criterion To Deny Entry

Women of all age should be allowed to have darshan at Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple in Kerala. The Supreme Court decision on Sabarimala Temple Case (on September 28, 2018) to allow women of all age group into the shrine should be welcomed by all Hindus. There should be no restriction based on menstruation. Hinduism is a living religion. It continuously evolves and adapts. It is not a stagnant pool that is restricted by a particular scripture or set of rules. It is a full-fledged river – always fresh. Hinduism is only concerned about an individual’s quest to know the Supreme Truth. And how an individual reaches or approaches the truth is left solely to the individual’s discretion.

Menstruation is a lame excuse to deny entry to women in Hindu temples.

Menstruation is a natural process, it is considered highly auspicious, and it is celebrated at a temple very close to Sabarimala Temple – The menstruation occurring in the idol of Goddess Parvati at the Chengannur Mahadeva Temple in Kerala is one of the amazing and perplexing happenings in a Hindu Temple. (read more) At the Kamakhya Temple in Assam too the menstruation is celebrated (Ambubasi Festival).

Denying a person entry into a temple based on menstruation if purely patriarchal. It cannot be practiced by Hinduism. Such rules are for monolithic religions.

Earlier it was impossible for women to travel to Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple due to the arduous trek, wild animals, and robbers. Men who went used to be extremely tired due to the journey and they did not have the strength to protect their women. Women did not visit the shrine out of fear.

Today times have changed with modern transportation and communication going to Sabarimala Temple is like going to any other Hindu temple.

Menstruating women are not allowed in most temples in Kerala. This rule has to be changed. Let the women decide if they want to visit the temple or not during menstruation period.

Menstruation is Not a Criterion to Deny Entry -

Who Monitors Men Who Enter A Hindu Temple?

Are all the Hindu temples in Kerala absolutely sure that the men who enter the temple premises are pure?

How can a temple find out whether a man has entered the temple without purifying (bathing) after having sex or masturbating?

Who defines what is pure?

Who monitors the purity and cleanliness of temple priests and temple employees?

Drunkards, unclean people and shabby beggars roaming inside the temple are a common site in India.

It is for the Hindu devotee to decide how he or she wants to enter a temple complex.

If a woman wants to visit a shrine, she should be welcomed and given equal opportunity to have darshan of the deity.

Tourists - Sightseers - Fake Liberals and Publicity Seekers Should Be Kept Out of the Shrine

Having said that, no tourists and sightseers should be allowed to visit Hindu temples. Only those who are coming for worship should be allowed inside the temple.

We will have of lot fake liberals, attention seekers and publicity enthusiasts creating ruckus and problems. They should not be allowed to have darshan at the temple in the name of Supreme Court order and women darshan.

I am of the firm belief that no true women devotee of Ayyappa will wish to have darshan of Ayyappa at Sabarimala Temple as the mind of a devotee cannot be changed. They have firm faith and certain beliefs. These are centuries old belief and it will be impossible to change them with a court order.

41-day penance to enter the temple 

Majority of men who visit the Sabarimala Temple do not perform the 41-day penance in its strict sense. It is impossible for men to perform it due to their responsibilities and jobs.

When men cannot follow the penance why should women be asked to follow the penance in its strict sense?

If 41-day penance is to be followed strictly how are people entering the Sabarimala Temple from day 1 of Vrischikam month (November 16)? Should they not wait until December 26 annually – when the 41-day penance which begins on Vrischikam 1 gets completed.

Nearly 100,000 devotees visit the temple during the monthly puja of 5 days (in every month). Do they keep 41-day penance?

Women Of All Age Should Be Allowed Entry To Sabarimala Temple

Naishtika Brahmachari (celibate)

Ayyappa at Sabarimala is Naishtika Brahmachari (celibate). There is absolutely no doubt about it. He is a true Brahmachari. It is not a mere title. He is a Brahmachari who does not differentiate between man and woman. A Brahmachari is one who sees the Supreme Truth in all animate and inanimate. For Lord Ayyappa, man, woman, child, animals, stone, trees…all are nothing but His own reflection.

Brahmachari is a title for many people in our society. It remains a mere title. Such people will be easily moved by the mere sighting of a churidar or sari.

Please do not belittle by saying that Naishtika Brahmachari Ayyappa will be offended by women at Sabarimala.

If anything with which Ayyappa is offended is the corrupt politicians, officials, business people, priests and employees who are looting the wealth of devout Hindus in His name.

No progressive Hindu organization and Hindus should object to the right of a woman to have darshan of Lord Ayyappa at Sabarimala. That is not Hindu culture. Hinduism is a celebration of individuality – complete freedom in the quest to know the Supreme Truth.
Hinduism is a people’s religion and that it has been growing and flowering during the ages. It has been throwing up gods and scriptures all the time. The Vedic gods were replaced long ago by Puranic gods. The Vedas were themselves supplemented and elaborated by the Puranas. Hinduism thus emerges as an organic religion, which keeps growing with the growth of religious experience, and conscious of its adherents… (Former Prime Minister of India AB Vajpayee)