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Seven Forms of Tandava Performed by Shiva – Seven types of Tandava

Seven Forms of Tandava performed by Shiva are:
  1. Kalika Tandavam – dance of creation
  2. Sandhya Tandavam – dance of preservation of cosmos
  3. Shankara Tandavam – dance of destruction
  4. Tripura Tandavam – dance of concealment
  5. Vurtha Tandavam or Anugraha Thandavam – the dance through which beings experience the world. The grace of Shiva with which He reveals to the self its true nature.
  6. Ananda Tandava – He carries out all the above said five functions – Nataraja Form
  7. Bhujangatirasam – Named after the serpent which Shiva wears.
Seven types of Tandava

Another famous Tandava performed by Shiva is the Urdhva Tandava, when he competed with Goddess Parvati.

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