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Different Colour of Saris That are offered to Hindu Goddess

One of the most important offering that is made to a Hindu Goddess is traditional sari and blouse – cotton saree or silk sari. The sari offering is traditionally made to incarnations of Goddess Shakti – Durga, Bhagavathy, Parvati etc. But saris are also offered to various other goddesses in Hindu pantheon like Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati. The color of the sari depends on the purpose of manifestation – thus most Shakti incarnations are given red saris as they appeared to restore Dharma by annihilating Adharma.

Durga is offered only Red color saree. In some cases, she is also offered green color saree - this is mostly associated with fertility.

Goddess Lakshmi is offered orange, yellow or red color – mostly a mix of yellow and red or mix of orange and red.

Goddess Saraswati is offered White color sari or Yellow color – or a mix of yellow and white. When it is a mixed color yellow will be the border color.

Goddess Kali is offered Purple color saree in most regions. In some regions a mix of purple and red.

The saris are offered to Goddess Bhagavathi in South India on any Tuesday or Friday or any of the auspicious days associated with the Goddess. She is usually offered red or green color saree.

Black color is offered to Goddess by tantrics this is to invoke the most fierce form of Mother Goddess. In this color, she absorbs everything that she has created.

In other regions the offering is made during Navratri, Durga Puja and during the Jayanti celebrations of various incarnations of Shakti.