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How to choose the best Rudraksha bead? - How to Identify Fake Rudraksha?

When an item is in demand there will be plenty of duplicate of it in the market. As Rudraksha is in great demand there are plenty of fakes in the market. Fake Rudrakshas are plenty on online sites too. Here is an idea on how to choose the best Rudraksha bead.

  • The Rudraksha bead from Nepal is considered to be the best. 
  • The best Rudraksha has a natural hole.
  • The lines on the face will be clean and will not have any breaks. 
  • The ideal bead will be lighter in weight and has brown color.
  • It will also be hard, little greasy and the mouth will be curving outward.
  • Rudraksha beads from India lack the natural hole and those from Indonesia do not have the lines.
  • One has to be wary of artificial beads made out of wood. 
  • Artificial Rudraksha beads are also made from nuts and other wild seeds.

How to Identify Fake Rudraksha?

Detailed below are some methods to distinguish between the original and fake Rudraksha.
  • Real Rudraksha beads do not float on water.
  • Boiling has no effect on a real Rudraksha.
  • The lines on the real Rudraksha are not equidistant.