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Mahima Mela at Joranada in Orissa - Information About Mahima Gosain Mela

Mahima Mela takes place at Joranada in Dhenkanal District of Orissa. The fair is associated with Mahima Gosain and takes place at his mausoleum known as Sunya Mandir. There is no idol worship in the temple and prayers are towards Param Brahma. The mela gained popularity when many devotees had their wishes fulfilled.

One unique vow here is that people submit their children as hermit at the mausoleum and take them back after a couple of years.

Joranda Gadi at Utkal is located around 25 kms from Dhenkanal at the base of Kapilas hill. It is the most important center of Mahima Dharma.

Akhanda Dhooni, which is burning continuously from a very long time, is visited by believers of Mahima Dharma and they offer ghee in it.

 Information About Mahima Gosain Mela

Daily India reports about this unique vow
Basanti Nayak, a devotee, once wished at Mahima Gosain's mausoleum and took a vow to submit her son in the service of hermits here, provided her wish was fulfilled.

After the fulfilment of her wish, she symbolically made her son a "Sanyasi", whom she brought back later under a ritual performed by her brother in exchange of a sum of money, rice and clarified butter or, Ghee as is mentioned in a ritual.