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Anandmurti Gurumaa Quotes

Anandmurti Gurumaa (born on April 8, 1966) is a Hindu spiritual leader famous for her charismatic speaking and singing. Anandmurti Gurumaa Quotes are collected mostly from books, magazines, audios, videos and newspaper articles.

Anger spices up tongue then tongue burns everyone with volley of its burning words to all those who comes in its vicinity.

Widen up the window of your mind to see world in its expansive-ness. A small window means smaller view - hence lesser knowledge.

Learn to enjoy your own company then you will never be lonely.

Never keep closed mind. We don't know everything so keep doors to learning open.

Don't ever think you are alone in every breath which goes in it is lords grace moving in. Enjoy each breath.

All that you desire is right there within you, it is with you but you don't have that will to seek. The work of sages is not to give you knowledge; the work of mystics is to light that fire within, to inculcate a longing, a feeling of restlessness inside you.

The day you stop seeking for the happiness in the outside world that is the day when you become truly contented.

Who is the master: you or your mind? Can you put your mind in OFF mode? Can you make your mind silent whenever and wherever you want? If NO, then mind has more power than you, then mind is the master and you are just an ordinary person, not even a seeker yet. To a seeker mind is a tool to analyze, to remember, to understand, to think. But when he doesn’t want to do any of this then he simply put the mind in silent mode. If you can’t do this then you don’t know how to detach yourself from the mind.

Books give you information with which you load your mind. Similarly, just by reading scriptures and other writings, you cannot become wise. Just listening is not a big thing. Our scriptures emphasize contemplation.

Our mind has the habit of thinking and what an ugly habit; we are told that because we think – so we exist, so keep thinking. We are told that if you are not occupied with the mind all the time, then you will invite the devil. It is such a heightened misconception that people are going crazy just because of this. An empty mind is not the devil’s home but an empty mind is the home of the Buddha.

Those who are running after their goals, those who are hungry for wealth, success, they are still in the process of learning this truth that they have failed in achieving that which could have really fulfilled them. The endless desires, a long list of wants, always hampers this wisdom to seek the eternal, to know the truth. So those who have the question – what do I really want? I have everything but something is missing – have in a way finished the first prerequisite to move on the higher path of spirituality. This something which you are looking for is not outside of you, it is right in you. The need is to know who you really are, what is your core, what is your true identity. The need is to peel off the layers of thoughts in the mind – as you know yourself as mind only and your true identity has got muddled by mind.

Laughter is going to spill out and colour your cheeks bright red. Laughter, dance and music are contagious. They spread so quickly. So, colour your life with red – red is the colour of creativity and beauty but please do not colour yourself with red-hued anger.

However good or bad a situation is, it will change.

The appropriate karma can only be decided from your mental, intellectual and physical attributes. What goes in sync with your body and mind and your approach towards life that becomes your task.

When you were looking for love everywhere; Lord was right in your heart waiting for you to come to his divine embrace. What a loss.

Don’t postpone living for uncertain tomorrow.

A celibate is one who is not a slave of his body.

One who is established in Brahman is a celibate.

One does not become a celibate just by wearing certain clothes or sporting a ponytail.

Yogis have described practices for married individuals – how the husband should love his wife so that the love does not become lust.

Ancient sages did not regard sex and divinity as incompatible.

Sankhya Yoga says that the one whose sense organs are controlled, whose mind is stilled and intellect is refined, such a person is always in a state of supreme bliss.

Your karma fruit follows you in all times. You can’t run away from your own karma fruit. So be watch full in your actions.

As long as you are seeking truth – truth is far. When you stop looking and be in pause its right there.

Enjoying success is easy but enjoying failure requires wisdom.

Ask yourself, the momentary pleasure obtained through sexual gratification, will it be binding or will it help in my liberation? Use your wisdom to understand your sexual energy. Question your mind using your discriminative wisdom, for sex is nothing more than a transient momentary pleasure.

Convert the sexual energy for your spiritual growth. The energy is the same, and it is your choice if you want to waste it or make it rise up through spiritual practices.

If the seed of sexual desire resides in your mind, it will come out on the slightest pretext. So, the fact that it is manifesting as sexual urge means that you need to accept the presence of sexual desire in you. Now you can either strive to get liberated from it or opt to get more entrenched in it.

Sex too is energy. If it flows downward it will be wasted, but if it ascends then it will energize you, invigorate you.

Consciousness is neither feminine nor masculine. The gender bias is more for the anatomy and the physiology. It has nothing to do with the mind, it has nothing to do with the consciousness, and it has nothing to do with the energy. All these distinctions are only at the level of the body.

Both men and women experience ego, lust, greed, desire, pain, fear, despair, frustration, dejection, sadness and happiness in the same manner.

So, at the level of mind, there is no difference between a man and a woman; even at the level of mind, the differences are because of socio-conditioning. In socio-conditioning, a woman can believe that she is weak and a woman can also believe that she is strong and powerful.

Our identity is a false identity cultivated by family and society and we have adopted this identity as our true one. Therefore, what we think is actually borrowed thinking; what we feel is borrowed feeling.

Explore your true identity, not the false identity, then you would know that you are neither male nor female.

Don’t say that you are ill fated by your karma, just have a fire in your heart and be very adamant in your prayer and be very-very sincere in your prayer. And if you are a real seeker then soon you would be able to clear up this foggy state of mind.

Freedom comes from wisdom, which comes with knowledge and courage. So be courageous, be wise and fly! No one can stop you.

Hope is neither positive nor negative. But when you cling on to your hope and are so adamant and stubborn that it must be fulfilled, you have opened up all the doors for depression and pain and aggression. True, without hope, how would you live your life? But if hope is going to be the reason to bring depression in your life, then I would say, don’t have any hope. Just do your work. Don’t look for the rewards or awards once your work has finished.

Difficulties and frustrations are a part of human life and no one can run away from them. Don’t ever dare to. None has ever been able to run away from frustrations or kick away frustrations totally. Difficulties and frustrations are a part of human life and this is the challenge, that how well we cope up with them without harming our mind and without injuring someone else.

Don’t be overpowered by any kind of pressure, and be a diplomat and a smart person to outwit all those people who are putting pressures on you, use your brain, and don’t be scared of anyone around you. You can always save yourself by distancing yourself from such situations or people in one way or another. Just use your sensibilities and definitely you will not be disturbed because of others’ acts and what they are doing. You should not be feeling guilty by others; the burden is upon them and not you.

You are stressed because you are not being honest. You are stressed because you want to do so much and not everything is possible from your side; and there are so many expectations which you have from yourself and others have it from you. And you are just being bamboozled with all these desires and expectations. So you have a nice fa├žade around you. You have this persona; you have this mask of a happy person but inside, you are not happy at all. You need to set your priority, what you really like, what you really want to do, what you really wish to achieve.

Life is meant to be lived in a wonderful way.  Life is not given to us to sulk and be sad and be miserable all the time. However, if you do not live well, then definitely it is guaranteed that you are going to suffer a lot. But if you are trained well, if you use your wisdom then you may have the most unfortunate and difficult situations in your life and yet you will remain calm because you know that the scene is soon going to change.

The biggest pilgrimage is moving towards your own centre. Exploration of your own self is the biggest pilgrimage.

We live in a very artificial world. We have artificial selves, we have artificial things around and that is the reason people feel so discontented and dejected.

The moment you begin to think about your mind, about your consciousness, about the level of your emotions, about the way you are living your life – that is the turning point. From that point onwards, no one can hold you and you will just grow and grow and grow…and finally reach the point where enlightenment happens.

Anandmurti Gurumaa Quotes on Living in the Present Moment

The present moment is indeed a ‘present’ from the Divine. One needs to be with it, relish it, and soak in it. But we are not always in the present, not here – not now; always somewhere else, wondering, speculating, thinking, analyzing, doing everything, but never living in the Present. It is a very subtle, fine moment, a fleeting one. You have to be very cautious, very attentive; only then you may successfully catch it or else you’ll simply miss it.

Life as it is happening now, learn to appreciate it, rejoice in it. See the present moment which is happening around you: the blue sky, giggles of children, sounds of birds, floating clouds and if what you can hear is just noise then even this noise will become rhythmic, just be in the moment. And that is enough.

On Seeing God – Anandamurti Gurumaa

You cannot see God in person because God is not a person, God is not a body; God is not a human being. Can you see the fragrance? Can you see the words that I speak? You can see my lips moving, my hands etc but can you really see the words? Can you see the body of the sound? You can't see the body of the sound and the body of the fragrance. You say that I am sad, I am happy. Have you ever seen what sadness looks like? Have you ever seen what happiness looks like?

You experience these things. So God cannot be seen as a person. I am sorry to say that, but that's the truth. Those people who say I have seen Ram, Krishna, Shiva or Hanuman and they say that they believe that they have seen the God, I would just comment that it is just a fragmentation of their mind. It is just an imagination of their mind.

It is the conditioning of human mind that we tend to believe in some form and we say this is God and then we wish to see them again in our prayers and in our dreams and if some one sees that, then they are so happy. Well, if you want to remain in that paradise, go ahead continue being in that state. But the truth is far far away. Sri Krishna himself said in Bhagavad Gita that I am the one who can not be seen with the eyes, I am the one who can not be touched with hand, I am the one who can not be heard because I am not just a sound.