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Thoughts of Hindu Blog – A Collection of Thoughts Based on Studying Hinduism for 25 Years

Thoughts of Hindu Blog is a collection of thoughts based on studying Hinduism for more than 25 years

On Wealth

  • Wealth created through shortcuts and cheating will only open Pandora’s Box.
  • Success and lasting wealth can be created only through honesty and hard work.
  • Today we have accepted money as the benchmark to assess success of people but are these rich people really happy?
  • He who knows what true wealth is a successful person.
  • Never acquire money, power, and position to satisfy our ego. Do not acquire them to show off and belittle others. Money, power and position should be used wisely for transforming our inner life.

On Success

  • Balance and awareness in success and defeat is what makes a person extraordinary.
  • More than luck, what we need is the right attitude for success.
  • Always choose the right path for things to move in the right direction. Shortcuts will never lead to lasting success.
  • You should work as if everything depends on you. Then there will be no room for mistakes and failure.
  • Genius is not enough for success you should also do intense practice.
  • Always believe that there is a scope for improvement. This will guard us against failure.
  • Change is constant. The rule is applicable to success too. Therefore, continue with your good work. Keep expanding. Explore new areas.
  • Never stop learning. You might be successful but that does not mean there is nothing new to learn. Make use of new opportunities by being up-to-date.
  • Celebrate your success but do not boast about it. Let people realize what you have achieved.
  • What is lacking in an unsuccessful person is confidence. Success will follow such a person as soon as he befriends confidence. 
  • Reluctance is lack of confidence. It simply means that we do not believe in our ability and we are afraid of failure or embarrassment.
  • We would not be able recognize the excellent opportunities if we do not have confidence.
  • Opportunities never end. However, we stop looking and blame on our bad fortune.
  • They meet with success who refused to stop at failure; they meet with success who overcame the thought of quitting; they meet with success who banished all thoughts of negativity.

On Wise Words

  • Choose words wisely. Use words wisely. Words used without thought lead to unhappiness.
  • The key to heaven or hell lies in our tongue.
  • When the language is simple, and to the point, it is truthful and is devoid of ego.
  • However hard we try we can never express the Truth within, we can only give indications.
  • Supreme Truth can never be explained through words.
  • Nature is always talking to us. It is giving invaluable lessons.
  • Never speak in haste. Pause, think and use words judiciously.
  • When in anger or emotionally disturbed do not utter even a single word. We later regret words uttered in such situations.

On Approval of Others and Being Liked

  • If you wish to be liked by everyone then that is not going to happen.
  • Stop justifying yourself for every action. This is a sign of weakness that you are ready to bend for recognition.
  • Nothing happens if nobody likes you. Wishing to be liked by a particular person or group is creating unwanted burden and tension.
  • Even if you do lot of good things, there will be people who will continue to dislike you and be thankless.
  • Like – dislike such things should not affect you. When you worry for someone disliking you, in reality you are worrying for his or her ignorance. It is their bad luck that they do not understand your goodness.

On Happiness

  • There is no secret formula for finding happiness.
  • Happiness is elusive when we chase it outside.
  • Happiness comes and goes when it is dependent on outside source.
  • Happiness is a choice. We can be happy if we weed out ignorance and understand truth.
  • Happiness resulting from external source does not last long.
  • Unhappiness is the result of attachment. Do not cling to past and future. Live in the present.
  • Always search for happiness within. Be thankful and happy for what we have.
  • Drop jealousy, anger and ego and bring back the child like laughter.
  • We need to take responsibility for our life and stop blaming others and stars.

On Collecting Junk Both Inside and Outside

  • We have too many things lying around. Most of which we have not even touched for years. The only service they do is that they collect dust and make our house look shabby.
  • We are either too lazy or are emotionally attached to everything we own that we are not ready to dispose them off.
  • Often the clutter is too much that we do not know where to begin uncluttering. Feeling out of control, we have given up.
  • One reason we give for collecting junk is that it might be useful someday. But the sad part is that it will not be of any use; as we either forget it when we need, or we are not able to locate them in the junk.
  • Start clearing the junk both outside and inside and open the door of bliss.

On Spirituality

  • We wait for things to happen. But the greatest thing to happen is realizing our divinity. That we are Supreme Truth.
  • Reading scriptures to find fault is strengthening the ego. Read scriptures to see how they can make our path to self-realization easy.
  • It is true that money cannot buy happiness. The statement that richest people are not necessarily the happiest is also true. But still, we need money to manage our day-to-day affairs. Being spiritual and religious does not mean we should criticize wealth and those who are rich or are making money.
  • Being spiritual and religious means understanding the Truth that happiness lies inside and it cannot be found outside in another living being or materialistic things.
  • We think we possess material things but actually, we are possessed by them.
  • The more material things we have the lesser our freedom.
  • The only way to face it is through higher awareness. Be alive, alert and aware at every moment. Do not take things for granted. Always follow Dharma.
  • Even when the life is positive and happy never get attached to it. When we live in this world, in the back of our mind we should be aware that all these are fleeting pleasures. Be a part of it but do not be attached to them. Happiness is never outside.
  • Always know that our goal is to wash away the dust of ignorance and realize that we are the Supreme Truth.
  • We have immense potential, provided we know how potential we are.
  • Do not get stuck. Evolve continuously. Transformation should happen outside and inside. Be the perennial river. Do not be the stagnant pool of water.
  • Sometimes we are searching for what lies beyond. There is surely something beyond. When we reach that, something beyond we will realize that all the time it was within us.
  • Some things are pleasant and some things are unpleasant. Avoid trying to make unpleasant pleasant. It is wise to stay away from unpleasant. Also do not be attached to the pleasant.
  • What we call obstacles in life is due to desire, ego or attachment to fruits of every action. The only way to overcome obstacles is life is to perform one’s duty with dedication, honesty and without attachment to the results.
  • God does not create obstacles in life. It is we who create obstacles – the main reason for this is ignorance. Once true knowledge dawns, all obstacles will disappear.

On Money

  • Make money but always remember that it cannot give you happiness. You are happiness itself and for that, you need not look outside – it is within you.
  • Money creates a problem when we allow it to dominate us. When we allow it to decide what we are. Never allow money to be the criteria in making friends, relations, decisions and social relationships.
  • We should control money and not the other way around.
  • Again we should never be attached to the wealth we make. Use it wisely.
  • When wealth is accidentally lost see it as an opportunity to create new wealth. See it as an opportunity to start afresh. To correct the early mistakes.
  • If we are to live in this world we need money. Make money through Dharmic ways. Never cheat or steal another man’s wealth. Do any work you know to make money. Then use it wisely.
  • Money should be made but always remember you are the maker of the money. And money is not your maker.

On Anxiety

  • There are times when many of us feel nervous without any reason. Unknown anxiety overpowers us. We are unable to remain calm. We imagine things and bring with it fear and worry. There will be uneasiness in stomach and our normal breathing pattern will be disturbed.
  • The main reason for this problem is that we are not in control of our mind. We are allowing mind to take control of us. We are believing the stories created by the mind. These stories often are about something untoward going to happen in the future.
  • In such situation, breathe properly. Relax. Tell the mind that am not going to fall for this.
  • Overpower the mind by stating that there is nothing to worry about as all that is here is the Supreme Truth.
  • Chant any mantra you know like ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ or ‘Om Namo Vasudevaya.’
  • Take the mind away from fearful thoughts and fix it on our personal deity.
  • Do not allow the mind to wander.
  • Always have a simple and easy translation of Bhagavad Gita. Read the chapter that you like most.
  • All this unknown anxiety and fear will disappear.

On Discovering Our Passion

  • Discovering our passion in life and being honest to the discovery fills our life with meaning and joy. We have to identify our passion correctly. It should not be based on current trend or copying someone who is successful.
  • Focusing on what really excites us provides inner satisfaction and peace.
  • To follow our passion we need to be patient. We need to get our priorities right. We also need to make time for our passion.
  • Our passion might not give us financial freedom in the beginning, but if we are determined and resolve to work hard despite failures then our passion will buy us financial freedom.
  • Make realistic decisions and then put complete focus and energy in it.

Jewels That Human Beings Must Possess

Every human being should possess a few jewels. These jewels cannot be seen, as they are not made of gold, silver, platinum or diamond. We cannot buy it with money or wealth. However, these jewels are free and anyone can have them.

The jewels are:
  • Patience
  • Forgiveness
  • Peace
  • Truth
  • Compassion
  • Non-violence
  • Knowledge
  • Control over mind
One who possesses the above said jewels is the richest person in the world. Rich because the person is leading a life of bliss on earth.

On Overcoming Evil Thoughts

  • The ideal way to overcome evil thoughts is by replacing them with divine thoughts. Light dispels darkness. If we struggle with evil thoughts, they become more powerful. So clear the dark clouds of evil thoughts with the light of divine thoughts.

On Fearlessness

  • Never be afraid of what they say. Always do what you regard is right. Always follow Dharma.
  • Never be afraid of our faults and failings.
  • Watch ourselves in a spirit of detachment.
  • To lead a painless and happy life eliminate the tiny bit of fear, hatred, jealousy, or resentment we have in our mind.

On Maya – Illusion

  • We forget our divine selves and run after worldly appearances and manifestations – this is Maya.
  • One way to overcome temptations is to avoid such occasions.

On Compassion and Gratitude

  • Compassion makes life beautiful and worth living.
  • Show gratitude to everyone who worked with you or helped you in your success. This makes the success even sweeter.
  • Know that life is unpredictable. We have no control over the twists and turns in life. Things, which we could never anticipate, can happen in life. It might be positive or negative. We are happy if it is positive. However, what if it is negative? How do we face it?
  • Nurture qualities like intuition and creativity. Develop empathy, intellectual honesty, compassion and trust.  

On Confidence

  • We need to initially display some confidence to get compliments. Recognition and compliments can only reinforce confidence.
  • Mistakes, stumbling blocks and falls should not shatter our confidence. Do not take blunders too seriously. Laugh it off and learn from them.
  • Confidence based on comparison will only have a short life. There will always be someone who is better than us. Our confidence has to be based solely on our strengths.
  • True confidence is not loud or brash. It is quiet. It comes forth as strength in the face of adversity. It provides motivation to overcome troubles.

On Being Honest About Our Feelings

  • Happiness will elude us if we are not honest about our feelings and experience in life.
  • Following trends, succumbing to parental pressure and giving importance to what society considers as measure of success will never make us happy. We will regret in future.
  • Our choices should be our choices; it should not be influenced by external factors.
  • Only that money, fame and success will ensure happiness, which we have earned out of our passion and interest.
  • Do only that we really enjoy doing.

On Rushing and Hurrying

  • We are always rushing…hurrying…but to where? We do not pay attention to the present. We do not enjoy the little simple things in life. We are after bigger goals… 
  • And once we attain this bigger goals we are either dissatisfied or in bad health. The bigger goals will never give you true happiness. Happiness lies in little things.
  • We all should attain our goals but by not sacrificing the little pleasures of life.
  • Enjoy the little beauties of life.
  • If we have children, we need to be with them when they need us. We need to help them.
  • Just because we are in a hurry, we should not ignore a human being who is in trouble. Do whatever is possible.
  • Quality time with friends, relatives, older people and children will give us new insights.
  • We all have interests, hobbies, and a passion…find time for it.

We should develop these qualities for a happy life.

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Love
  • Wisdom
  • Courage
  • Hope
  • Faith, Trust and reliance
  • Forgiveness
  • Freedom, Liberty and independence
  • Thankfulness and Appreciation
  • Happiness and celebrations
  • Compassion
  • Self-respect
  • Contentment

On Attempting to Control Others

  • There is nothing more foolish than trying to control another person.
  • The only person we really have control is ourselves.
  • Giving freedom or letting go someone we love does not mean we do not care. It is just that we understand and love them more.
  • Everyone has dreams, goals likes and dislikes. For a healthy relationship, we need to respect them.
  • Excessive control will never yield positive results. Sometimes a bad experience will be the best teacher. After they have a bad experience, do not criticize by saying ‘I told you so.’ Help the person you love. This way the bond will be stronger.
  • For a happy life, never control anyone’s life.
  • When we value and appreciate others, it enhances their confidence and self-esteem. They then pass it on to others.

On The Habit of Postponing

  • We all face this dilemma – of postponing a decision and the inability to decide. Net result is that we end up suffering all our life.
  • Quite often, we come across situations and people we are not happy with. But we tolerate such situation and people. We know we need to confront but we postpone. We keep postponing and end up suffering.
  • Instead of being exploited physically, financially, mentally and emotionally we need to face the situation and take appropriate decision and put them into action.
  • It is fear of losing something that is stopping us from taking a firm decision. This something can be love, finance, security…
  • Actually, it is this fear that is our vulnerable point and many are taking advantage of it.
  • As we progress in age, we lose our strength and ability.
  • So take the decision when we have the strength and ability. Decide and act when you have the energy to overcome the loss due to the decision.

We must live without being entangle by worldly affairs, but is it possible?

It is mentioned in the Hindu scriptures and Saints and Gurus always say this – ‘we must live without being entangled by worldly affairs’ for a peaceful and happy life. Easy to say, harder to put into practice.

If we enter muddy water, some mud and dirty water will be attached to our body. We can avoid this if do not go near muddy water. In life, several situations can be avoided. We indulge daily in too many unnecessary talks and activities and this gets us entangled in worldly affairs. We end up being sad, disillusioned, unhappy and angry. Thus daily we go far away from our goal of spiritual bliss. So we should limit our activities to the essential.

When we perform essential activities, some mud and water will be attached. This should be cleaned immediately. Perform all activities with utmost devotion and dedication. Do not cheat. Give your best. Then forget it and remember the Supreme Truth. Do not be attached to the result. Always remember we only have the right to perform our duty. We become unhappy when the desired result is not achieved. So instead of concentrating on the result find happiness in doing the work. Whatever little mud and dirt that get attached while performing out duty should be cleaned immediately through prayers and remembering the Supreme Truth.

When you are in love; love. When you are playing; play. When you are working; work. Live in the moment and be happy. Always follow Dharma. Do not be selfish and do not hurt others.

We Must Live Without Being Entangled By Worldly Affairs – this is possible but not in a day or two. It takes constant practice to achieve this goal. We can achieve it but slowly and steadily.

On Mind

  • The only power we have is over our mind. We do not have control over outside things. Sadly, we have surrendered this only power and are slaves of the mind. Control the mind and we will find our strength.
  • Mind plays innumerable tricks on us. Learning to dodge these tricks and reaching the goal post is self-realization.
  • Before trying to know others we need to be aware of ourselves.
  • When we see and accept our faults, we take the path to bliss.
  • Instead of fighting with others, we should fight with our mind and get it disciplined.
  • Everything in interconnected in this universe. From the dust to the distant star. How? They all are Supreme Truth.
  • Visiting an exotic place to find mental peace is just waste of money and time. Mental peace is not based on external factors. It is purely based on internal factors. Turn inwards to find peace. The internal road is bumpy and confusing in the beginning, as we have never tried this road before. But after the initial bumps and hiccups the road will be smooth. Soon you will discover mental peace even in a busy market place.
  • Be passionate and honest about what we do, pursuing it will bring in inner satisfaction.

On Humility

  • There is no better offering to God than humility to all living beings.
  • Humility is not surrendering self-respect; it is seeing Supreme Truth in all living beings.
  • Humility is the trait of a mind that is truly free.
  • True knowledge begins with humility. The first lesson in the path of self-realization is humility.
  • I don’t know – learning to say it with humility is true knowledge and true progress.
  • True humility is not cowardice. It is an important ornament of spiritual person.

On Bliss

  • Bliss is the goal of all living beings. Lucky few realize that they are bliss.
  • Success will always have the fear of failure; happiness will always have the fear of unhappiness but one who has achieved bliss is always in bliss.
  • They say you are in bliss in deep sleep – True – But Bliss while awake is also Bliss.
  • You are not going to achieve bliss by joining a meditation course or by attending a satsang. It has to be achieved through intuition and true knowledge.
  • Nobody can sell or teach or give you bliss because you are bliss.
  • Bliss is not the result of external factor. It is inner joy arising from self realization.
  • Bliss cannot be explained in words. It can only be experienced.
  • Do not run away from difficulties and challenges because they provide us with an opportunity to experience the Supreme Truth.
  • Only knowledge based on direct experience is helpful.
  • We will be in complete peace the day we connect with our inner self and discover Supreme Truth within and in all animate and inanimate outside.
  • We will see the path to peace when we drop ego, desires and attachments.

On Freedom

  • Freedom is necessary for us to develop intellectually. When there is no freedom, there is no intellectual development.
  • Freedom leads to freethinking and open discussions. New ideas, inventions and creation can happen only in the light of freedom.
  • No one wants to be controlled, so the more we restrict the harsher will be the rebellion.
  • Changes happen through freedom.
  • Freedom also comes with responsibility. Hurting another person’s values, beliefs and exploring his or her personal life is not freedom. The freedom we have should be available to all. We should respect it and put it to use judiciously.
  • The value of freedom should be inculcated in a child during formative years. A child should be taught to respect it and value it.