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Mithuna Rashi – The Third Zodiac Sign in Hindu Astrology – All About Mithuna Rashi

Mithuna Rashi is the third Zodiac sign in Hindu astrology. It is known as Gemini in English. The longitude of Mithuna Rashi is 30 degrees and it extends from 60 degrees from the vernal equinox to 90 degrees. It is called a common sign as it possesses the qualities of movable as well as fixed signs. The first 15 degrees of Kanya Rashi show characteristics of fixed sign and the rest 15 degrees of a movable sign. The part of the body of Kalapurusha (supreme eternal time) represented by Gemini is supposed to be the neck.

The birth stars or nakshatras that constitutes this sign are:
  • The last two quarters of Mrigashirsha or Makayiram nakshatra
  • All four quarters of Ardra or Thiruvathirai or Arudra nakshatra
  • The first half or three quarters of Punarvasu or Punartham nakshatra
  • Kanya is a northern sign of the zodiac but its influential direction is west.
Symbol of Mithuna Rashi is a human couple, of which the man holds a staff and the woman a veena (stringed instrument); they are usually considered to be muthuna (twins) – brother and sister.

The ruler of the Rashi is Mercury or Budha.

No grahas are exalted in this sign, nor is any graham debilitated. Mithuna is friendly sign to the Surya and Shukra but is inimical to Chandra and is neutral to Mangal, Guru and Shani. It is negative towards Budha.

Mithuna Rashi represents the places where dancers, singers and artists reside. It also represents bedroom, a place where cards and other similar games are played and also gambling dens.

Mithuna is known as the house of oscillation and vacillation; persons born in the Rashi are desirous of change and frequent travel.

They may also spread their energy and often changer their profession.

Mithuna is known as a Jiva Rashi and it includes all living beings.

The color of the Rashi is parrot green. It represents the serving class of people; it is a male sign and odd one too. It is dependent on water.

Mithuna is blind at noon but strong at night. It rises with is head first and therefore beneficial. It also belongs to the zodiacal belt called Srishti Kanda and therefore it represents anabolic activity.

People born in Mithuna Rashi are clear in speech and are lovers of music and dance. They might not be physically attractive. They are clever and fond of jokes. They show hastiness in all activities and might take to gambling.