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Story of Mandodari, wife of Ravana - Her Previous Birth As Frog

Mandodari, the wife of Ravana, was a very beautiful woman. It is believed that Mandodari got the celestial beauty as a result of the blessing of Shiva. Legend has it that in her previous birth Mandodari was a celestial damsel named Madhura. She took birth as a woman on earth as result of a curse by Goddess Parvati by which she became a frog. The story of the previous birth of Mandodari is found in the Uttara Ramayana.

Madhura - The Ardent Devotee of Shiva

Celestial damsel Madhura was an ardent devotee of Shiva and used to observe the Somvar Vrat (Monday fasting) dedicated to Shiva. One Monday after observing Somvar Vrat, Madhura went to Kailash to meet Shiva. Goddess Parvati was not present at Kailash at this time.

Goddess Parvati is Jealous - Doubts - Curses

When Goddess Parvati returned, She found Madhura and Shiva at Kailash. Goddess Parvati became jealous as Madhura who was a very beautiful woman. She doubted both Shiva and Madhura. In a fit of anger, Goddess Parvati cursed Madhura to live as a frog (Manduka) for twelve years in a well.

Shiva Comes to the Rescue of Madhura

Shiva was moved by the plight of Madhura and gave her the boon that after twelve years she will become a beautiful woman and would become the wife of a man of great valor.

Her Previous Birth As Frog - Mandodari

Life As a Frog

Madhura started living as a frog (Manduka) in a well in a forest in the Himalayas.

With the Help of Shiva - The Frog Becomes Mandodari

Meanwhile, Maya and his wife Hema of the Kingdom Hemapura wanted to have a daughter. They had two sons named Mayavi and Dundubhi. So to get a daughter they started offering prayers to Shiva in a forest in the Himalayas.

One night the couple had a dream in which Shiva appeared to them and asked them to look in a nearby well.

The couple next day morning went in search of the well and suddenly heard a cry of a girl.
On searching, they found a girl in the well. Twelve years had passed and Madhura had now become a girl.

They took her home and brought up her as their daughter.

After several years, Ravana once saw Mandodari and fell in love with her and got married to her.

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