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Rama Raksha Stotram Lyrics – Download Ramraksha Stotra in PDF format with English Meanings

Rama Raksha Stotram is a prayer dedicated to Sri Rama. The popular belief is that the chanting of the Ramraksha Stotra will help in removing troubles in one’s life, especially those associated with horoscope and astrology. It is also chanted for getting mental strength.

Here is a pdf format of the Rama Raksha Stotram with lyrics and English meaning. You can download it for free. The meaning of the Stotra is by S V Ganesan.

The prayer was composed by Saint Budha Koushika. The prayer protects us from all troubles and blesses us with health, wealth, prosperity and success. It is also believed that chanting the prayer will solve all horoscope related problems in life

Link – Read and Download Rama Raksha Stotram in PDF

An example of translation – Dhayna mantra

Thus begins the dhyaana mantra – one should meditate Rama who has arms reaching his knees, who is holding a bow and arrow, who is seated in a lotus position, who is wearing yellow clothes, whose eyes compete with petals of a fresh lotus, who looks satisfied, whose eyes are fixed on the lotus-like (pretty) face of Sita sitting in his left lap, whose color is like that of rain cloud, who has adorned different jewelry, who is wearing hair reaching upto his thighs.