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Kalindi River and Shiva – The Story of How The Waters of Kalindi Became Black?

Legend has is that the waters of the Kalindi River mentioned in the Puranas is black. The river turned black after an incident related to Shiva. After the death of Sati, Shiva sat inactive. He performed intense meditation. There was imbalance in the universe. There was no creation. No birth.

 The story of how the waters of Kalindi became black?

Devas assigned Kamdev to instill lust in Shiva. Kamdev sent arrows on Shiva and Mahadev woke up from the meditation. He opened his third eye and burned Kamdev into ashes. But the arrows did the trick and Shiva started calling out loudly the name of Sati. He remembered her.

Finding Sati nowhere and unable to bear the passions created by the arrows, Shiva jumped into the Kalindi River. The waters of Kalindi became black from that day onwards.