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Swami Satchidananda Quotes And Teachings - Integral Yoga

Quotes and Teachings of Swami Satchidananda (1914 – 2002) – the founder of Integral Yoga Institutes

Thoughts affect not only the mind but the body also.

Negative thoughts are not going to help you to be happy and healthy. On the other hand, by developing positive thoughts you’ll feel comfortable, you’ll feel happy, and your positive thinking will help you to send good thoughts towards others.

Yoga is not to transform others. Transform yourself first. Correct your vision’ find the peace within you. Whatever you want to see outside, build it inside.

Truth is one, paths are many. Stick to one path, but do not say to others that this is the only one. Recognize all other paths and respect them.

This is a time for us to remember that in the name of religion more people have died than in all the wars and natural calamities put together. Now more than ever we must understand that the purpose of religion is not to separate us.

True faiths don’t preach hatred and killing, nor did any of the prophets. It is the people who interpret the scriptures who create the divisions. Division comes if we put our ego into the teachings of these religions. Let us strive to be free of that kind of egoism.

If the weight of the wallet is reduced, the weight of the love is also reduced. This so-called love is based on superficial things.

Don’t ever invite bad thoughts. Rather, think good ideas, speak good words; do something good. Then you will really enjoy the supreme joy.

It’s according to your approach, your attitude, that your life becomes worldly or spiritual.

When there’s a getting, there’s a losing. Enjoy things while you have them & when they go, enjoy that too.

Deep in the middle of the ocean of the mind there is no pollution. It is absolutely pure. That part is always contented. It never likes or dislikes. It accepts everything; it is not proud. And this is the real nature of your true Self. Only knowledge of this true nature will free you from the turmoil of this world. It will free you from the petty-mindedness which divides humanity into thousands of names: ‘I am this; he is that. He is different from me.’ People kill each other because they group and divide themselves. They fail to see and know that they are above all these differences.

If you look for your true nature in a distorted mirror you will see a crooked face. Is your face really crooked? What is the mirror in our case? Our minds. To see our true Self we must have clean, clear, calm minds. Some people keep the mirror clean and realize that they are beautiful. Others do not dust it well. Some break it; some bend it.

When you make the mind calm and serene, you realize that the soul and God are one and the same, without any distortions, without any color. The body should also acquire that serenity that is called the relaxed or pure state. A very healthy and relaxed body with a calm and serene mind will allow the true light or the true nature of the Self within to express itself without any distortion.

Selflessness is the key to spiritual life.

The restlessness of mind is caused by disappointments.

Your ultimate goal is to be happy. Where is that happiness? Within you.

When you forget your true nature and look for happiness in external ways, that is the basic ignorance.
When we finally tire of searching for happiness outside, we sit quietly and analyze and realize that true and lasting happiness can never come from outside. It can't come because it simply is. You are Happiness personified. You are that Supreme Bliss. You are that Joy. You are the image of happiness. God is the one who is always happy, and you are the image of God.

Swami Satchidananda
Swami Satchidananda – Disciple of Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh and founder of the Integral Yoga Institutes.