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Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple Mandalam Season 2017 – 2018 – opening and closing dates of the Ayyappa Temple during Mandala Kalam Pilgrimage

The world famous Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple in Kerala remains continuously open only during the famous Makaravilaku – Mandala Puja season (November – December – January). In 2017, the date of opening of the AyyappaTemple for Mandalam season is November 16. Here is the schedule for the Sabarimala Pilgrimage in 2017 - 2018: The two month pilgrim season, popularly known as Mandala Kalam, attracts millions of devotees to this hill shrine dedicated to Sastha or Ayyappa. The annual pilgrimage begins in mid November and ends in mid January with the Makaravilakku.

Mandala Pooja Mahotsavam Begins on November 15, 2017 at 1730 hrs. Mandala Masam or Mandala Kalam begins on November 16, 2017 - the 41 day Mandalam Season begins. The Shrine is open on all days. Mandala Pooja is on December 26, 2017.

Temple closes after Mandala Pooja on December 26, 2017 at 2230 hrs.

The shrine then closes for a brief period and reopens for Makaravilakku festival.

Temple re-opens for Makara Vilakku Session on December 3…

Kalarivathukkal Devi Temple Timings – Opening and Closing – Pooja and Darshan Time at Kalarivathukkal Bhagavathy Temple Kannur in Kerala

Kalarivathukkal Devi Temple is located near Valapattanam in Kannur District in Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhagavathy. This is one of the most popular and powerful Shakti shrine in North Kerala. Kalarivathukkal Devi Timings with detail opening and closing time is given below. Please note that the pooja and darshan time will extended or curtailed during important rituals. The shrine will remain closed during Grahan or Eclipse.
Kalarivathukkal Devi Temple Morning Pooja Timings 5:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Kalarivathukkal Devi Temple Evening Darshan Timings 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Deeparadhana will be between 6:30 PM and 7:00 PM
The most important days in a week are Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Special rituals are observed on Tuesday and Friday.
Kalarivathukkal Devi Temple – Kannur The murti of the Mother Goddess worshipped in the temple is carved out of jackfruit tree. The murti has a height of 4 feet. The murti of Kalarivathukkal Devi is a classic example of darushilpa (wood sculpting) i…

Gandhari Opens Her Eyes to Make Duryodhana Invincible – But He Was Not Naked

Before the final mace (gada) battle between Duryodhana and Bhima in the Mahabharata, Duryodhana visits his mother, Gandhari, to take her blessings. Gandhari decides to remove her blindfold and open her eyes so that the energy from her eyes would provide Duryodhana with a special power. It will make his body hard as a diamond so that Bhima cannot kill her eldest and only remaining son. She asks him to go and take bath and appear stark naked before her.
Desperate to get all the power before the most important battle in his life, Duryodhana took bath and made his way back to his mother.
But suddenly Krishna appeared in front of him and ridiculed him for walking naked.
When Duryodhana told Krishna that he was going to meet his mother, Krishna told him that he was no longer a child and it is inappropriate to go before her naked.
Krishna asked Duryodhana to cover his waist and thighs with banana leaves.
Duryodhana, who was embarrassed, took the advice of Sri Krishna and covered his waist a…

Choroonu Dates in 2018 as per traditional Malayalam Panchangam and Kerala Calendar

Choroonu is the first rice eating ceremony of a child in Kerala. Here are the dates for Choroonu in 2018 for the ceremony as per traditional Hindu Malayalam calendar and Panchangam followed in Kerala. The newborn baby eats his/her first solid food on the day.

January 2018 – January 10, 18, 19, 22 and January 23

February 2018 – February 13, 18, and February 27

March 2018 – no dates for Choroonu.

April 2018 – April 17, and April 23 (early hours from 2:29 AM to 3:00 AM).

May 2018 – No Dates

June 2018 – June 25

July 2018 – July 22 and July 30

August 2018 – August 15, 16, 23, and August 29

September 2018 – no dates

October 2018 – no dates

November 2018 – no dates

December 2018 – December 10 and December 12.
Please note that these are dates based on Panchangam and they skip lot of dates. A local astrologer might be able to get a small period during other dates.

Ashwini Nakshatra 2018 Predictions | Ashwini Natchathiram 2018 Palangal | Aswathy Nakshatra 2018

Ashwini Nakshatra born people will have a good year in 2018. The predictions or Ashwini Natchathiram Palangal 2018 is the same for Tamil Astrology. Aswathy Nakshatra 2018 predictions or naal phalam as per Malayalam astrology (Kerala) is also the same. Good year if you are looking for government related job. Ashwini Nakshatra 2018 predictions based on birth star is given below:
January, April, July, August, and December 2018 are good months. February, June, September, and October will be tough. March, May, and November will see both good and bad.  Ashwini is the first birth star among 27 Nakshatrams in Hindu Jyothisha or astrology. As per astrology and Moon Rashi, Ashwini Nakshatra is in Mesha Rashi (Aries Zodiac).

Ashwini Nakshatra is known as Ashwini Natchathiram in Tamil Nadu and Aswathy Nakshatra in Kerala. Ashwini Nakshatra Career - Job - Business 2018: Those looking for new job will be lucky in this year.Not a good year for change of job. Avoid taking unwanted risks this year.Lack…

Two of the 108 Divya Deshams That Are Not On Earth

108 Divya Deshams are the 108 temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Two of the temples are not on earth. They are Thiru Parkadal and Thiru Paramapadam. The popular belief is that a person who visits 106 Divya Deshams on earth will attain liberation and will be able to gain access to the remaining two Divya Deshams. Thiru Parkadal The place is located at Parkadal – Milky Ocean

Vishnu resides here as Ksheerabdinathan and his consort Lakshmi resides here as Kadalmagal Nachiyar.

Mahavishnu is white as milk and Brahma appear from his navel here.

He rests on Adisesha facing south. Thiru Paramapadam The place is Vaikunta. The ultimate destination of all living beings. There is no birth and death after reaching Vaikunta. A devotee merges with Lord Vishnu here.

Vishnu resides here as Paramapadanathan. Goddess Lakshmi resides here as Periya Piratiyar. Bhudevi and Neeladevi also reside here.
Vishnu here is in sitting posture facing south. He sits with his left leg hanging down and right one folded.

Utpanna Ekadashi – Utpatti Ekadasi Vrat

Utpanna Ekadasi, or Utpatti Ekadashi, is observed during the waning phase of the moon in the month of November – December.  In 2018, the date of Utpanna Ekadasi is December 3. The importance of this Ekadasi was explained to Arjuna by Lord Krishna and is found in Bhavishyottara Purana. For those devotees who like to begin the monthly Ekadasi fasting, Uttpatti Ekadasi is the Ekadashi that they should start with.

All the sins accumulated during the previous births and this birth are washed away by observing Uttpatti Ekadashi and this leads to Moksha.

Fresh beginners who want to undertake Ekadasi fasting start it with Utpanna Ekadasi. They can continue it forever or for a year. How long it is continued depends on the devotee.

All the normal rules associated with Ekadasi are observed during Utpanna Ekadashi.

Utpatti Ekadashi is observed in the Krishna Paksha of Margasheersh month in North Indian calendars. The corresponding period in Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra is t…

Loving Detachment

When you love someone by avoiding emotional involvement then it is loving detachment. This is true love as there is no expectation. There is no selfishness and there is no ego. There is also no attachment. Such a love can do wonders to the people involved.

He who practices loving detachment truly knows what love is.

Love becomes a burden when there is give and take. There should always a balance between give and take. If there is a slight imbalance then there will be outbursts. There will be fights and emotional problems.

When you practice loving detachment, there is no give and take.

There should be no conditions and contract when you love someone. It should be unconditional. You should simply love.

When you simply love without any conditions and expectations, you are attaining self-realization. You are merging with the universal soul. Such a love becomes the direct expression of the self. Such a person is becoming a representative of God on earth.

Love, which has no demands, keeps …

Hindu Calendar Today – November 13, 2017 – Tithi, Vrat, Good - Auspicious Time, Nakshatra, Rashi and Festivals

Tithi in Hindu Calendar, Today, on Monday, November 13, 2017 – Krishna Paksha Dasami Tithi or the tenth day during the waning phase of moon inHindu calendar and Panchang in most regions. It isKrishna Paksha Dasami Tithi or the tenth day during the waning phase of moon till 3:09 PM on November 13. Then onward it isKrishna Paksha Ekadasi Tithi or the eleventh day during the waning phase of moon till 2:20 PM on November 14. All time based on India Standard Time.
How is November 13, 2017, as per Hindu Panchang? – It is not a good date. Nakshatra – Pooram or Purvaphalguni Nakshatra till 3:12 PM on November 13. Then onward it is Uthiram or Uttaraphalguni Nakshatram till 3:02 PM on November 14.
In western parts of India (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa and south Rajasthan), Pooram or Purvaphalguni Nakshatra till 11:51 AM on November 13. Then onward it is Uthiram or Uttaraphalguni Nakshatram till 12:36 PM on November 14.
Rashi or Moon Sign – Simha Rashi till 9:09 PM on November 13. Then onward it is …