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About Hindu God Pretraj Sarkar – Story of Pretraj Sarkar - King of Ghosts

Pretraj Sarkar is a Hindu God closely associated with Lord Hanuman. He is the King of Ghosts and he is also sometimes mistaken as Yamraj, the Hindu God of Death. The story of Pretraj Sarkar begins with Hanuman burning down Lanka.

When Hanuman burned Lanka, Rishi Neelasur attempted to put down the fire using his magic. But none of his magic worked on the fire started by Hanuman. Lanka continued burning.

Rishi Neelasur then realized that Hanuman was no ordinary being. He then stood before Hanuman and asked him to reveal his true identity.

Hanuman told Rishi Neelasur that he was just a devotee of Lord Ram. He also told him that he was not able to extinguish the fire because it had the blessing of Bhagavan Sri Ram.

Rishi Neelasur then asked to take him to Bhagavan Sri Ram.

He had his wish fulfilled after the defeat of Ravana in the Ramayana.

After the departure of Bhagavan Sri Ram from earth, Hanuman appointed Rishi Neelasur as his minister and lieutenant to spread the glory of Bhagavan Sri Ram. He was then given the name Pretraj Sarkar.

He was also made the Lord of the beings that resided in the skies. He thus controls goblins, ghosts and other beings that wander in the sky.

Worshipping Pretraj Sarkar helps in removing various troubles in life. He also fulfills desires of the people.

He is mainly approached by people who are possessed by evil spirits and ghosts. As he is the King of Ghosts, he cures people and blesses them.

There is separate Pretraj Sarkar Chalisa, Aarti, and prayer.

He is mostly worshiped in North India.

There is a separate shrine dedicated to him at Trimurti Dham at Kalka near Chandigarh.