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Two of the 108 Divya Deshams That Are Not On Earth

108 Divya Deshams are the 108 temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Two of the temples are not on earth. They are Thiru Parkadal and Thiru Paramapadam. The popular belief is that a person who visits 106 Divya Deshams on earth will attain liberation and will be able to gain access to the remaining two Divya Deshams.

Thiru Parkadal

The place is located at Parkadal – Milky Ocean

Vishnu resides here as Ksheerabdinathan and his consort Lakshmi resides here as Kadalmagal Nachiyar.

Mahavishnu is white as milk and Brahma appear from his navel here.

He rests on Adisesha facing south.

Thiru Paramapadam

The place is Vaikunta. The ultimate destination of all living beings. There is no birth and death after reaching Vaikunta. A devotee merges with Lord Vishnu here.

Vishnu resides here as Paramapadanathan. Goddess Lakshmi resides here as Periya Piratiyar. Bhudevi and Neeladevi also reside here.

Vishnu here is in sitting posture facing south. He sits with his left leg hanging down and right one folded.

The Distribution of 106 Divya Deshams on Earth

The 106 Divya Deshams are distributed across India:
  • 84 are in Tamil Nadu
  • 11 in Kerala
  • 2 in Andhra Pradesh
  • 8 in North India
  • 1 in Nepal

How important is the Divya Deshams to a Vishnu Devotee?

A Vishnu devotee is believed to attain liberation or Moksha if the devotee offers prayers to Lord Vishnu in all the 106 Divya Deshams.

Once the 106 Divya Deshams are visited, the devotee gets to visit the Thiru Parkadal after this Thiru Paramapadam - the feet of Lord Vishnu - the ultimate aim and destination of a Vishnu devotee.