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How Shani Became Mandgati? – Story of the Reason for Shani Moving Slowly in Horoscope

One of the popular names of Shani is Mandgati – the slow-moving planet or navgraha. The reason for Shani moving slowly is associated with Sage Piplad. Shani moves very slowly in the horoscope (nearly 29 years to complete one revolution around the sun) when compared to other planets.

Sage Piplad had lost his father in his childhood. When he grew up, he discovered that the reason for the death of his father was Shani. His father was going through the bad phase of life caused by Shani.

Sage Piplad was a great ascetic who had the power to summon the Brahmadanda – stick of Lord Brahma. He released the Brahmadanda on Shani.

Fearing for his life, Shani began to run. He ran in the three worlds with the Brahmadanda in his hot pursuit.

Running for such long time got his feet injured and he was handicapped and not able to move fast.
Shani then prayed to Shiva to find a solution to the problem.

Shiva appeared before Sage Piplad and told him that Shani does not do anything purposefully. He has no friend or enemy. He only makes living beings undergo the effects of their bad karma.

Sage Piplad realized his mistake and withdrew the Brhamadanda.

But after this incident, Shani started moving slowly and came to be known as Mandgati.