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Imbalance In Life Is Because We Are Far Removed From Nature

When something goes wrong in life, know that it is due to imbalance. There needs to be a balance in life. This can only happen when we are ready to be part of nature by embracing the whole. Focusing only on one area of life and neglecting others invites trouble.

Balance should be there on the inside and outside. Most of us are very careful with our external interactions. But this carefulness is missing in the internal interactions. Thoughts and feelings should be balanced.


The best way to avoid imbalance in life is to have a simple life. Breathe properly. Have good healthy routine. Wake up early. There should be emotional and physical discipline. When the mind is disturbed, concentrate on your breathing. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly.

A peaceful and happy life is only possible when there is proper understanding of life. The feeling of oneness with universe is necessary for it. To accept that I am part of nature and I am bound by the laws of nature is necessary. When this is accepted, all kinds of natural changes will be welcomed. We will not resist anything that is natural.

Why there is lot of unrest and uneasiness because we have become unnatural. It is ok to be away from nature but we should know when to stop and return. It is so sad that we live in a world where a large population is unaware about basic natural things.

Excess food, joy, sleep, love, anger, ego… is not good for us. But we need a little bit of everything. Some people focus on getting rich…they neglect family. Some people live for family…they neglect career and life. After sometime, all start complaining. There should be balance in work, finance, relationship, friendship, fun, health, sex…

Sometimes we get into a comfort zone, stop learning and neglect many important aspects of life. One day we are forced to come out of the comfort zone and then we struggle and complain. People who always use a car find it difficult to use the public transport. They keep on complaining. There will be occasions in life when the car will fail you and you will be forced to take public transport. Life is like that occasionally, there will be minor and big earthquakes, and we should learn to survive and overcome them. This can only happen if we lead a balanced life by being part of the whole, not just wedded to the comfort zone.

When we focus on our happiness, our comfort, our likes, our pleasure, our needs, our…there is crisis in relationship. For a balanced relationship, there should be an all-inclusive approach. Along with our comfort, we also have to make sure that the other person is comfortable.

Do not sacrifice everything to please others. Just focusing on their needs and happiness and sacrificing yours will only end in unhappiness, fights and unfulfillment. This is an imbalance; we get to hear about it from old parents, married couples etc. They keep on complaining about the sacrifices they made. Instead of sacrificing, find the middle path.

There are people who always want company. They cannot be alone. They are afraid. Such people have an undisciplined, negative and outward looking mind. We need to learn to enjoy our personal space. There is nothing wrong in it. Being always dependent on someone or things are not good. Similarly, leading a life away from society and friends too is not good.

Avoid clinging on to the past. This is a big imbalance in life. It destroys the present and future. Similarly, excessive worry of future is another form of imbalance. There should be freshness and newness in life. This can only happen when we embrace the present without remorse of past and fear of future.

Accept changes. Keep learning. Never become stagnant. Keep flowing. Live in the present. Avoid resisting natural changes. Love unconditionally. Love others and love oneself. Take care of others without neglecting oneself. Enjoy freedom of thought and expression by not curtailing another person’s freedom. Respect the sentiments of others by valuing our sentiments.

Follow nature. Learn about the rhythm in nature. In pristine nature, there is total balance. Everything is fresh, thrive, enjoy and procreate. When it is time to say goodbye, the leaves fall down without any hesitation or remorse. They know it is not the end of the journey. It is just another beginning.