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Symbolic Meaning of Saranam in the Chant Swami Saranam Dedicated To Lord Ayyappa

Swami Saranam is a mantra repeated often by Ayyappa devotees visiting the sacred Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple in Kerala. Swamiyee Sharana Ayyappa is the most favorite prayer of most devotees. The general meaning that is assumed of Swami Saranam is that everything depends on Ayyappa – Saranam means give me refuge so that all problems are solved at His feet.

There is also a symbolic meaning to Saranam – The ‘Sha’ syllable stands for help from Ayyappa to defeat all human fallacies like ego, jealousy, avarice, anger etc.

‘Ra’ syllable stands for attaining knowledge of the Supreme Being or the knowledge that leads to Moksha.

‘nam’ syllable stands for peace – deep silence where there is no two.


Did you know?
Sastha or Shastavu or Shasta is one among the numerous names of Ayyappa worshipped at the famous Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple in Kerala. Some people believe that Sasta and Ayyappa are two different deities.
Vavarswami, or Vavar, was the trusted lieutenant of Lord Ayyappa. This Muslim warrior led the army of Ayyappa in several battles against the enemies of the land.