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Master Yogi Bhola Nathji Teachings On Miracles In Hindu Religions

Teachings on miracles in Hindu religion by Master Yogi Bhola Nathji.

A miracle is an incident or action of which we do not know the cause nor the end. Ordinary intelligence fails to understand it. Science is left wondering. Our ordinary education and experiences have prescribed the limitations of our knowledge in this short life. If any 'miracle' happens through the instrumentality of any individual, we say, this is contrary to the Laws of Nature.

Miracles which we believe to be contrary to the Laws of Nature, belong to a field of activity which is unknown to us-so far. Why are we startled even at the mention of the word 'miracle' when the whole universe which we see before us, is in itself a great miracle? Why, then, if anything unknown before happens, should we start wondering? Why should we say it is impossible?

Miracles belong to a stage in the path of progress towards spiritual life, which is more dangerous. They are apt to divert genuine seekers after Truth from the right path.

Until we direct our attention towards the life of the spirit, material objects (prosperity, wealth, fame, power, etc.) keep us overpowered. We run after one or more of these and try to chase them. These objects recede farther and farther as we pursue them. Sometimes we get what we want: more often we do not. But in the end we find that this struggle fails to give us real satisfaction.

When we are tired' of this chase, we turn our serious attention towards that 'Reality' which is the goal of all religions. After making a little progress we find that these very material objects appear before us as if by miracle. It appears to the seeker as if goods of the world are at his beck and call. The material objects try to show that 'we are all at your service'. But this is also a big snare. It is a pit from which it is difficult to come out, once you fall into it.

Lovers of God pass through this stage with great caution. Because if we go through this stage on our journey towards the goal (i.e., Reality, Truth, God, Absolute Existence all it by whatever name you like) then these objects of the material world will fail to overpower the seeker.

While in this stage we feel as if by our worship or devotion we have overpowered Nature. Matter (Maya) is then jubilant again and says 'Look- I've got him again.'

On the other hand, genuine lovers of God take advantage of this situation or stage by saying to themselves, 'I have only just turned my attention to life of the spirit and look, as a consequence of this, I have acquired these powers. What infinite bliss should I expect when I attain and meet the Lord.

SourceLives and Teachings of the Yogis of India – Miracles and Occult Mysticism of India Volume 2 by Rishi Sing Gherwal page 23 - 24. Published in 1937.