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Which Car Number is Lucky For Me?

Is there a way to find out which car number is lucky for me? Many people ask this question.

Suppose the car number is 241821. Then to find out whether it is lucky or not you need to add the number.
2 + 4 + 1 +8 + 2 + 2 = 19
1 + 9 = 10
1+ 0 = 1

So now you need to know whether the number 1 is lucky.


One is a lucky number. It indicates auspicious beginning. The number is associated with Sun God (Surya). Health, wealth and protection are associated with the number. There will be progress.


Two is an average number. There is no major luck associated with it. It symbolically represents two different aspects. If the two can join and work together then there will be progress. But we all know how difficult it is for two individuals to strive together and achieve perfection. The number is associated with relationship. The number is good only if you have a strong and reliable partner.


There is considered highly auspicious in many cultures. It has divinity attached to it. The number helps in achieving success through single-minded focus. The number helps in developing patience and belief. This number is very lucky and it helps in over accidents and it is also good for prosperity.


Four is not a good number for vehicle. It symbolically represents energy. This energy force can be both positive and negative. Energy can take any form. It can also become highly destructive. There is protection associated with the number but it also comes with a high risk.


Five is a lucky number. It represents wisdom, health, luck, peace and wealth. This number can usher in all these five elements in your life. The number is considered auspicious in many cultures especially in Chinese tradition.


Six is not an ideal number for vehicle. It does not have any luck or unluck. The number will cause stagnation. There will be no progress. You will be just floating. But if you are looking for having a relationship with the opposite sex then it is a good number. Six is associated with strong relationships.


Seven is a good number for vehicle. It is good for children and those looking for job. It helps in studies. Seven indicates spiritual, mental and intellectual progress. There will be financial progress.


Not a great number. It represents constant change and rearrangement. There will ups and downs in life. But you can expect new developments – some of which will be positive and some will be negative. There will be always something or other happening in life.


Nine is an average number. There will not be progress or problems. But if you are looking for change of luck then this not a good number. A good feature of the number is that it will help you in taking the correct decision.