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Story Of Yawning In Hindu Puranas

The story of as to how living beings began to yawn is mentioned in the 6th Skanda of Devi Bhagavata Purana. Legend has it that after getting boons from Brahma, Vritrasura defeated Indra, the king of Devas, and swallowed him. Vritrasura Catching Indra Devas were now filled with fear and they approached Brihaspati, the Guru of Devas, to find a solution. Brihaspati asked Devas to make Vritrasura gape. So that Indra can come out of the stomach of the demon. Devas succeeded in making Vritrasura sleepy by giving him food and sweets. They then opened the mouth of Vritrasura and Indra jumped out through the mouth. From that day onwards, people started yawning when they felt sleepy. Did you know? Gopichandana  Gopichandana is a yellow color mud that is worn as Chandan on the forehead by Hindu devotees. Vedic Wisdom behind Eating With Our Hands It is believed that our hands and feet are said to be the conduits of the five elements – fire, air, ether, earth and water.  Shiva and

Pampa Vilakku at Sabarimala – The tradition of floating lamps in River Pampa

Pampa Vilakku is the floating of lamps on a conical shaped small structure resembling a temple on the river Pampa by Ayyappa devotees before beginning the trek to Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple . The ritual is performed at Pampa after sunset. There is no special day or time to perform Pampa Vilakku. Some Ayyappa devotee before climbing the hill performs this ritual on the River Pampa after sunset. The small structure for floating the Pampa Vilakku is made using bamboo from the nearby forest. The base is made using parts of Banana tree or plantain. Small candles are then attached to the structure. Ayyappa devotees chant the glory of Lord Ayyappa and float it on the river after sunset. There is a popular belief that Lord Ayyappa arrives to during sunset on the banks of Pampa to bless his devotees. So the lamps are offered to Him at Pampa for a safe trek. Another symbolism attached to the Pampa Vilakku is that the lamps celebrate the victory of the good over ev